Lungenkrebszentrum am Westdeutschen Tumorzentrum


West German lung cancer Centre

Founded in 2009, the West German Lung cancer Centre was, not only, one of the first of todays 14 cancer centre at the University clinic Essen but also nationwide. It comprises two locations: University Clinic Essen with its specialized departments of oncology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, pathology and, since 2009, the Ruhrlandklinik with its departments of thoracic surgery and interventional pneumology.

The Ruhrlandklinik: Since 1906 the Ruhrlandklinik nurses and doctors have been caring for people suffering from tuberculosis, often miners and steelworker living in the Ruhr Area surroundings, building a longstanding history treating lung diseases:  . It became a well renowned hospital for every kind of internal diagnostic and treatment of all kinds of lung diseases: Since the 1960s the surgical treatment of mostly malign diseases completed its present hospital spectrum, headed by Prof. Dr. Stamatis as medical director.

University Clinic Essen: The combination of its renowned medical specialists in oncology, radiotherapy, pathology, nuclear medicine and the departments of the Ruhrlandklinik reflect the broad scientific and clinical experience and knowledge of the West German Lung cancer centre in diagnosing and treating malign lung diseases as cooperating first class medical partners.

The department of radiotherapy (Head Prof. Stuschke) has got the most experience in adjuvant and neoadjuvant radiation as well as definitive radiotherapy (when operative resection is not recommended), hyperfractioned radiation, 3D/ 4D simulated radiation, two times daily radiation in patients with lymphatic tumour spread, and stereotactic radiotherapy.

Chemotherapies can be useful combined with radiation or be a single therapeutic option in palliative intention.

Furthermore, the department of oncology (Head Prof. Dr. Schuler) is known for its very broad experience as one of the largest oncological centres in Germany. Also it is one of the top centres for German Cancer aid (“Deutsche Krebshilfe”) and one out of only eight centres for translational medicine for The German Cancer Research Centre (“Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum”). Newly developed, targeted therapies will be transfer from the lab to everyday use for nearly all malign entities of the lung.

Prof. Freitag (Head dept. of interventional pneumology) is not only one of the most experienced pneumologist lecturers in Germany and Europe. He also fosters medical and scientific education for younger doctors within Germany und Europe as well as visiting physicians from all parts of the world, especially china and the far-east. He also holds numerous medical patents for the sake of oncological patients in treating and diagnosing malign lung tumours. His department is at the centre of diagnosing patients for all partners of the West German Lung Cancer Centre.

The department of thoracic surgery – headed for more than two decades by Prof. Stamatis – is also involved in all kind of diagnostics and offers nearly all surgical treatments of malign lung diseases except lung transplantation. With more than 2300 surgical resections a year, his department is one of the most outstanding thoracic surgical centres in Germany and Europe. On top of that the department is consulted by patients from all parts of the world and has provided training for generations for surgeons from Germany, Europe and many other parts of the world.